The Cayman Islands are beautiful but they have an ugly problem  
with stray companion animals.  Our partner,
Cayman Animal Rescue
Enthusiasts (CARE)
, is making great strides there with spay/neuter
and adoptions, but many animals are still being euthanized due to
the shear numbers and not enough loving homes.

Some people may ask, "Why worry about these dogs when there
are so many in the US who are abandoned and homeless"?  We say,
all animals deserve to be happy, healthy and loved.  It doesn't
matter what country they were accidentally born into.  What
matters is that without this chance, they will surely live a sad short
life.  No animal deserves that....not when we can help so easily!

Adoptions must be done in person with one of our foster parents,
but in the meantime please check out our pups on the link below.   
If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption
application below and email form to:

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Adopt a pup from The Cayman Islands
A joint project from United Action for Animals & Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (CARE)
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