United Action For Animals
(UAA), founded in 1967,    
promotes ethical standards
of conduct and practices in  
all areas of animal care.
Thinking of Adopting a Cat?

The addition of a cat to your home as a family pet is a wise choice.
Cats are loving, devoted and charming pets. They are easy to care
for and do not require a lot of room. They are "at their best" as a
full-time indoor pet. Felines are an endless source of companionship,
fun and entertainment for you and your family. However, they are a
life-long responsibility and commitment. Before adopting, ask
yourself the following questions
Top 10 Things To Do Before You Bring Your Dog Home

Congratulations, you’re getting a new dog! Your first job as a new
pet parent is to prep your home and your family—and yourself, too—
for the furry bundle of fun who’s about to come barreling into your
life. After all, you do want to get this relationship off on the right
Adoptions must be done in person with one of our foster parents, but in the meantime please
check out our animals on the link below.   If you are interested in adopting, please complete
our adoption application below and email form to:  

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